Biomass Heating & Hot Water

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Biomass encompasses a broad spectrum ranging from a small wood stove burning logs heating a single room to a large commercial boiler burning either wood chip or pellets distributing heat to multiple buildings. We design and install systems across this entire range including wood and pellet stoves, boiler stoves, wood gasification log boilers, wood chip and pellet boilers.
First and foremost biomass systems should be designed to be compatible with the lifestyle of the owner and the resources available. Using locally sourced logs requires minimal pre-processing of fuel and is the cheapest source of wood, but they need to be fed manually into the boiler or stove. Also any biomass boiler that burns logs needs to be matched to a large accumulator tank to ensure that once they have been fired-up there is sufficient heat storage and distribution capacity to prevent over boiling.

Alternatively wood pellets are a standardised source of fuel that requires the owner to spend less time managing the fuel supply to the boiler. Pellet boilers are able to modulate their output and to automatically stop feeding fuel, and consequently the accumulator tank capacity can be much smaller than for a log boiler. The fuel store can be an integral ‘day’ hopper providing a few days storage capacity, a bulk store or, as in most cases a combination of the two.

Wood chips are typically processed from locally sourced timber and require a fuel storage area and a fuel bunker alongside the boiler. The wood chips need to be moved from the fuel storage area to the fuel bunker which will typically require plant (e.g. tractor with a front loader) to be available onsite. Minimum heat storage capacity is less than for log boilers but greater than for pellet boilers.

froling-Biomass-boilerBiomass systems are often most appropriate for buildings with a relatively high space heating requirement which is difficult to reduce by improving insulation and air tightness. Often we integrate a biomass boiler alongside an existing oil or gas-fired boiler, with the latter used to provide backup.

Biomass can also work well in combination with a solar thermal collector. During the heating season the biomass boiler supplies the space heating and the majority of the hot water load. In late spring, summer and early autumn the biomass boiler operates either less frequently or not at all as the solar thermal collector takes over the supply of hot water.

All our installations are carried out by our own installers who are MCS accredited.
If a biomass boiler supplies heat to a business and/or to multiple residential buildings it will qualify for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. For more details please visit



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