Photovoltaics – Solar PV Panels

Take advantage of the sun’s inexhaustible energy with Solar Electricity Photovoltaic panels (PV panels) convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Then the system powers your home and exports excess electricity to the national grid. PV panels have become increasingly popular over the last few years, as photovoltaic solar panels in a 2.9 kWp system can generate up to three quarters of a typical household’s electricity needs*. Our solar panel installation team of technical experts can provide a solar panel installation to suit your needs and your budget. We offer site visits, in Scotland and England, to assess the most suitable solar panel installation for your property. Solar panels for your home or business

We are suppliers of complete Solar PV systems and individual Solar PV components. Our mission is to provide high quality, but low cost, clean energy solar solutions to all of our customers. What’s included? Photovoltaic Panels – We only offer Solar PV panels that are of the highest quality. All of the panels we provide are manufactured from high quality materials giving high energy yields (kWh/kWp) and all come with 25 year performance guarantees. The panels are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures and conform to CE standards.

Our panels are manufactured in Austria and Germany and each of our suppliers endure a rigorous due diligence selection process. We will only supply inverters with UK G83/G59 approved and are chosen to work for maximum efficiency. Ancillary Products – All our ancillary products are sourced specifically for PV systems. Our range of Solar Photovoltaic systems

We offer systems from 1kW all the way through to 4kW for domestic household installations. Anything above 4Kwp falls into our commercial division. For information on savings and making money visit our commercial section. Solar panels being installed Solar panel installation completedhompro logo